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Reviews of Teastament.
Ivy Davies played the role of Musician in TESTAMENT by Tristan Bernays
At VAULT Festival, 22 – 26 February 2017

Vocals by Ivy Davies.

Reviews of Testament.

Hannah Gosling - Get The Chance ★★★★


Testament... ...brought together by the gorgeous voice of Ivy Davies...

Michael Davis - The Plays The Thing
...vocalist Ivy Davies sings a suitably soulful tune...
A Younger Theatre
The music ties up the stories beautifully and Davies’ voice is mesmerising to listen to.
The Audience Speaks.
Davies possesses a strong, confident voice that soars through the Pit in the Vaults...
Mary Halton - Exeunt Magazine
All three tales are woven together by Ivy Davies’ beautiful bluesy spirituals, 
Charlotte Pegram - The Peg
The form is simple, the concept unusual, and there is the added bonus of hearing the vocalist Ivy Davies who provides soulful acapella numbers as way of transitioning from one monologue to another.


Written by Tristan Bernays

Presented by Old Sole Theatre Company

Directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson
Designed by Verity Johnson

Sound Designed by Mark Sutcliffe (Associate Designer: Graeme Pugh)

Cast: Tristan Bernays, Peta Cornish, Ivy Davies, Celeste Dodwell and Simon Manyonda.

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